Purple Haze Phase

Purple Haze
Spare Bedroom #2 – Purple Haze (click image for rest of album)

I can thank my daughter for the choice of wall colors in my library and the other spare bedroom on the top floor of our home.  As you can see above, my daughter transformed an otherwise boring eggshell colored wall to eye-popping purple.  Her other spare bedroom, which I took over as my library, she foreshadowed in green, perhaps predicting her eventual defection to the University of North Texas? (Go Mean Green!).

In the green library, with the brown lounger, on hardwood floors (Aug 2011)

I received news last week that my son and his wife will be visiting us the second weekend of August. This finally spurred me out of my summertime torpidity and got me to cleaning out the aforementioned purple bedroom. I asked Terry if we could get the hardwood floors installed before Derek and Royna arrive. He countered with “I need to paint the ceiling before I put the new floor in.” Why, you might ask? Well, because my daughter, with the impetuousness (and impatience) of youth, did not protect the white ceiling from her purple paintbrush.

Purple Haze

I spent a couple of evenings last week sorting through empty boxes; old wrapping paper; even older clothes (a leftover tuxedo my son wore in high school ten years ago for a choir uniform); baseball and football trading cars; parts of a RC car; a skateboard; some stuffed animals; a laundry basket full of books; etc., etc.  Some of it even made it all the way down three sets of stairs to the basement storage room.  A few items just made it across the hallway into the master bedroom or the library.

I found the floor by late afternoon on Saturday, enough to sweep.  Terry brought up the five-in-one ladder so he could start taping off the walls from the ceiling.  This morning, I picked up where he left off and began putting rolled brown paper over the top of the first layer of painters tape to which we will eventually tape some plastic drop clothes.  Terry should have the ceiling painted today.

Then it’s down to the floors.