Three Wise Men and a Star

Happy Epiphany Everyone!  Did you enjoy your Twelfth Night celebrations?

For some ideas on celebrating the Season of Epiphany, visit Wikipedia‘s ‘Local Customs‘ section in the Epiphany article.

This evening, we’ll de-trim the Christmas tree and pack it and the decorations away for another year.  And perhaps today I’ll come home to a grouted tile entryway.  Terry and Rachelle (well, mostly Rachelle) prepped and cleaned the tile surface, but could not locate the squeagy we bought over two years ago.  So, this morning, they will venture out to Home Depot for another one.

The crochet project for Rachelle’s Brimmed Cap proceeds slowly.  I’m at the halfway point so it should pick up steam on the downhill run and be finished by the weekend.

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