Product Review: Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

After accepting an invitation as a guest reviewer at, I began receiving items to read for future reviews, including three audio books.  Audio books have increased appeal to me now (during Spring and early Summer) as I can simultaneously pursue my fitness goals and continue reading.  However, I don’t own (nor do I want to own) a portable CD player, so the first thing I do when I receive an audio book is to rip it to MP3 format so I can upload it to my phone.

Mossy Mobile Listening Options (early May 2011)
Mossy Mobile Listening Options (early May 2011)

And about my phone … it makes phone calls well and I can text from it, but other than that, I’m looking forward to moving on to a smarter phone.  My current intellectually challenged phone is the Samsung t659 from Tmobile, who are also on my crap list for selling their collective corporate soul to the devil in ATT clothing.  Among the myriad items I would change, like a larger clock display, flash for the camera, and larger than 2 GB microSD capacity, the headset that came with the phone, while stereo, cause a nearly instant headache from the pain of placing the ear-buds in my ears for more than five minutes.

Proprietary Jack on Samsung t659 Headphones
Proprietary Jack on Samsung t659 Headphones

And to add insult to injury, the Samsung t659 uses a proprietary headphone jack, so I don’t have the option to use a normal set of headphones.  And my older Plantronics Bluetooth headset works great for phone calls, but fails miserably and completely for listening to music or an audio book.  So I went on a quest for a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones last week.

I wanted to acquire them prior to a long road trip schedule for a long weekend.  With such a short deadline, I found less than a half dozen headphones, with mixed reviews (ranging from just two stars to one with a four star rating), only two of which were available locally through Best Buy.  I vainly looked through WalMart’s electronics section, but they only supplied normal one-ear Bluetooth headsets.  I ran out of time before I could purchase any headset, so resolved myself to either not listening to the audio book while driving to Table Rock Lake or the excruciating pain provided by my factory-issued Samsung headphones.

Motorola - S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (via Best Buy)
Motorola - S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (via Best Buy)

During our weekend visit to Branson, my husband and I stopped into a local Best Buy and I impulsively bought the Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.  I should have resisted the temptation, especially after reading many of the reviews found on Best Buy’s web site.   I have a large head, or at least large compared to the rest of my immediate family, with a circumference of approximately twenty-three inches.  According to the instruction booklet (I just can’t bring myself to call it a user’s guide or user’s manual because of it’s tiny size), to wear the headset, you guide them over the top of your head and settle them over year ears (like wearing a pair of glasses backwards).  Not only is my head larger, I have very thick hair and on this particular weekend, I had styled it and because of rainy weather, applied enough hairspray to ensure a near impervious hair helmet.  It was impossible to follow the instructions as written in the booklet.

I had to expand the headset beyond what I felt comfortable doing, reach behind my head, slip the headset around my neck (like a torque) and then move them up and over my ears.   The headset was heavy (probably due to the Bluetooth electronics ‘hovering’ over the nape of my neck), pulled down on my ears and put excessive pressure on my ear canal via the ear buds.  All-in-all, not much of an improvement, if any, over the aforementioned OEM headset from Samsung, just a whole lot more expensive.  On the drive back home across Missouri in an unseasonably cold May drizzle, I could only listen to my audio book for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time before I had to remove the headset and give my poor ears a break.   And how are you supposed to wear sunglasses (see first photo above) with over-the-ear headphones?

I gave the headset another try last night while I walked one of my Rottweilers around the neighborhood.  I survived the thirty minute walk with Apollo, but my ears were (and still are) smarting from the uncomfortable fit.  I expect more from Motorola, a company I’ve come to trust over the years for their audio equipment.  On a scale of one to five stars, I would give this product either a zero or, if that’s not allowed, a one star rating.  I will be returning this headset to Best Buy this evening (the one in the Legends, not the one in Branson).

SGU: Blockade … the Beginning of the End

I had a chip on my shoulder watching Stargate Universe last night.  I felt content with last week’s ‘Epilogue’ episode and wished the series could end on the resonance left by it. With only two episodes left this season, the show having been canceled with no possibility of parole, I couldn’t image what the writers, directors and producers could do to salvage the situation.  ‘Blockade’ surprised me with good continuity from ‘Epilogue,’ good action, good science and spots of humor that actually made me laugh.  Ratings reported Wednesday morning via Gateworld reveal a nine percent drop between ‘Epilogue’ and ‘Blockade.’

SGU: Blockade aired Mon 2 May 2011
SGU: Blockade aired Mon 2 May 2011

I’m being a bit lazy this week, so I grabbed a synopsis of the ‘Blockade’ episode from the Wikipedia article for season two of SGU:

When the Destiny tries to recharge in a star, they are met by drones. Trying another star, they discover the same. Low on power, Eli proposes a risky alternative: recharge the ship in a blue giant star instead which the drones would never expect. In order to accomplish the plan, the crew travel through the Stargate to a nearby planet, which turns out to be another Novus colony that is empty while Eli and Rush stay behind to manually pilot in the ship in the Ancient environmental suits which will protect them from the extreme heat. Doctor Lisa Park stays behind as well to save as many plants as possible from the Destiny garden, but gets trapped when the ship seals it off. The plan works and Destiny recharges, but the dome breaks and Park is flash-blinded before Eli manages to rescue her. On the planet, the crew discovers it to be destroyed by drones and encounter two which they destroy. They learn that thanks to a diversion, many of the people on the planet managed to escape through the Stargate before it was devestated. When a Control Ship shows up, the crew is forced to evacuate a little early, but by that point, Destiny is safe again. The trick won’t work twice however and the drones will likely be waiting next time Destiny tries to recharge.

Eli garnered kudos from me for standing up to Rush several times in this episode.  Rush continues to amaze me with his complete lack of humanity.  Rush may be a brilliant scientist, but a Vulcan exhibits more compassion than he shows his fellow man, even for people he works closely with on a day-to-day basis in a survival situation.  It boggles my mind that Rush can continue to be that callus.

I didn’t buy the Destiny blocking Eli and Rush from opening a door when Park became locked in the garden dome.  No logic there in why it would willingly allow the crew to fly it into an extremely dangerous type of star for refueling (without braking or swerving) yet not realize a fragile human was trapped and exposed behind a door it had closed and locked.  Why was Destiny thwarting the crew? Was it that desperate to fill up it’s tanks?

The nonverbal interactions between members of the crew intrigued me in light of the relationships revealed among the other crew of ‘future’ Destiny.  Volker and Greer in eye combat over Park’s assertion to remain behind to save plants.  And Varro leaning away from TJ towards Vanessa James, who we learn via a humorous sidebar, was born in Pittsburgh.

I will rate ‘Blockade’ as a 3.5 to 4 star SGU episode, even though I tire of the drones and the potential mystery they present, the question left unanswered forever if not dealt with next week in the final Stargate episode.

The real treat, this week, announced yesterday and stumbled upon by me while surfing DirecTV channels on my day off, is the week-long tribute to the Stargate franchise in the form of marathons on the Syfy Channel.  Follow this link for a full schedule of the rest of the airings of your favorite Stargate episodes.

SGU ends next Monday evening with the final episode ‘Gauntlet‘ – Blocked by drone Command Ships at every star and unable to gate for supplies without alerting the same drones, Destiny must take a stand or be left adrift.

After that … Stargate withdrawal will set in and I’ll have to console myself with more Doctor Who.