So Long Samsung; Welcome Whirlpool!

Whirlpool Gold

On the twelfth day of my ‘Thirty Days of Thankfulness‘ I am very grateful for our brand new refrigerator.

We finally received our exchange from Sears for the Samsung we purchased back in May as a 25th anniversary shared gift.  Six months of dealing with overseas customer service representatives, five damaged and defective Samsungs (including the first one and the last one which was an upgrade to the next better model),  abuse from the automated telephone system at Sears for weeks on end and a lost or closed case file.

We had finally reached an agreement with Sears to switch brands (from Samsung to Whirlpool) when all communication ceased for several weeks.  Out of the blue, in late October, Terry received a call from his case manager.  We were in the queue to receive the exchange and should receive a call in the next few days to schedule the delivery.  This past Monday we finally got the call and this morning the new Whirlpool refrigerator was delivered and installed on time and without blemishes or defects.

Second of Five Samsungs Delivered (and Returned)

With all the trouble we went through during the summer and early fall, we had decided to never ever buy anything from Sears again.  In fact, Terry threatened the customer service representatives more than once with selling all of his Craftsmen tools (several thousand dollars worth) and replacing them with Snap-On tools.  We had resigned ourselves to living with the defective and disappointing Samsung and leaving said refrigerator with the house when we sell it.  However, we have rescinded our previous plans and will take the Whirlpool with us whenever we move.

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