On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

I had trouble sleeping last night.  I stayed up too late watching the latest installment of Restaurant Impossible and then couldn’t get to sleep.  I think I finally dozed off after midnight, but that left me only five hours before the alarm woke me up.  I snoozed for ten minutes, even though I couldn’t afford to lose ten minutes out of my morning routine since Thursdays are also trash and recycle days in Lansing.  To top off a great start to my morning, I cut my finger on one of the cans in the recycle bin.  So now I’ll be typing awkwardly all day thanks to a bandage on my left ring finger.

The work commute got shortened by ten minutes or so this morning due to a sick child of one of the riders.  Before I hit the road and picked anyone up though, I made a stop at Baristas in Lansing to wake up with a mocha.  It would not be good form for me to doze off while driving everyone else to work.

Chef Rachelle fought my favorite appliance today (my bread machine) and won the battle to create pita dough. Her menu for this evening included gyros (lamb) with home made taziki sauce. Simply divine. Don’t tell the Wii I had two!

Soon after dinner, Terry and I went to City Hall to attend the City Council meeting (I will post a complete report in a separate post tomorrow). Agenda item number seven directly affected us (search for my previous post on the no parking zone sign installed last month on our court). We sat through a report on the Kansas Sampler Festival and the presentation of the regional airport site selection study by Coffman Associates. Interestingly, the ‘prime’ site suggested for the airport is on 600 acres just a half mile or mile south of our house, between Gilman and McIntire Roads.

When we finally got tothe parking agenda item, I was relieved to see a good bit of discussion and debate among the council members. Obviously, the voice of the citizens raised in thier wards had been heard loud and clear. The ordinace (No. 900) passed with two dissenting votes. The meeting quickly adjourned soon after and I asked the secretary to provide me with a copy of the ordinance, which would have been helpful to review before the meeting. She agreed to email me a copy.

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