On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

Second workday of the new year.  Gearing up for all the projects slated for 2012.  Busier (which makes the time go faster) and only one meeting (that went longer than scheduled, of course).  Basically, I survived another day at the office.

Hump day (also known as Wednesday) is also double-punch day at Planet Sub.  Since one of my New Year’s resolutions is a healthier lifestyle, I reviewed the Nutritional Information on their website before calling in my order.  While my second favorite sandwich (the Planet BBQ) had fewer calories than my first favorite sandwich (the Super Hero), it had gobs and gobs of sodium. So it was a toss-up between the Tuna (without mayo) and the Roast Beef (without mayo or cheese). The tuna won because it was the lowest in sodium.  Beautiful walk to and from Planet Sub thanks to the unseasonably warm weather we’re enjoying during this first week of January.

Even though Terry’s right hand is in a splint, WolfGuard will meet tonight to practice with the new drummer.  We decided to skip a home-cooked meal by Chef Rachelle in the interest of saving time.  We ate a quick supper at Mr. Goodcents (yeah, I know, two sandwich places in the same day).  I reviewed their Nutritional Information brochure and couldn’t find a single sandwich (besides the veggie one) that had less than 1,500 mg of sodium.  Way, way too high for my diet.  The lowest calorie and lowest sodium item that appealed to my appetite ended up being penne pasta with marinara.

On the way back home, we took a side-trip to Dillons to pickup a prescription for Terry and grab a few items.  We made it back home with plenty of time to spare before the band members started arriving.

As the band started rehearsing, I left to take Rachelle to visit some friends.  On the way home, I admired the constellation Orion, the waxing moon and enjoyed the unfrigid temperature.

Now that I’m back home, I can wrap up a couple of work projects while being serenaded (several times because practice makes perfect with a new percussionist) of vintage Rush (Finding My Way Home).  I’ve still got to squeeze in some cardio before slipping upstairs to read myself to sleep again.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  If it was a Friday or a Saturday night, I might be tempted to host a Twelfth Night party.  Instead, I’ll probably be attending the local city council meeting, since one of the agenda items tomorrow night deals with the recent appearance (and disappearance) of ‘no parking’ signs in several cul-de-sacs around Lansing (see my previous blog posts for further enlightenment).  I can only hope an Epiphany of policy is forthcoming.  (Feel free to chortle if you fathom my irony and/or sarcasm).