Nook Color Software Update 1.4.2 (Released Feb/Mar 2012)

I woke up to a surprise this morning on my Nook Color.  I had a little green ‘n’ showing up in my alerts pop-up window.  Heh?  Why had I not heard anything about this update?  Perhaps, because even B&N didn’t have much to say about the latest software update, billed as version 1.4.2:

Under the ‘What’s New’ heading: “The NOOK Color Ver1.4.2 update provides minor system enhancements.”

With a little digging and Googling, I found that the e-mail application received and update and B&N has made it harder to root most of the Nook tablets (something I attempted back last summer, but decided it wasn’t worth the grief and headaches).  I like my Nook Color just the way it is.  Perhaps I’ll be more adventurous when my two-year extended warranty expires.

I haven’t used my Nook much today, except to read during lunch, so I can’t confirm any other glitches or fixes.  The e-mail application does seem to respond quicker and not get hung up on the sync cycle now.  If I find anything else this evening, I will return and post an update.

For my thoughts on the previous update, released last December, visit my blog post and review for version 1.4.1.

6 thoughts on “Nook Color Software Update 1.4.2 (Released Feb/Mar 2012)”

  1. Talk about a let down! Like you, I, too, was hoping for more information regarding v1.4.2. Ah well, I guess I will find out what the update entails soon enough 🙂

  2. Gee, my wife’s Nook is equipped (NOT rooted) with the Nook2Andrioid (N2A) card available on Amazon, 1.4.2 software and works just fine. With no B&N warranty issues, unlike the rooting cards. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised

  3. If you use Adobe Digital Editions this new update affects your lending ability. I just turned my NC on and can not read the book I was reading last night 🙁 After much research I believe I have to deactivate my nook with ADE and reactivate it. Not a big deal but a hassle for an update I did not have a choice about that offers “minor enhancements”.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t borrowed an ebook since last month when I checked out The Poisonwood Bible from the Kansas City Public Library. I will do some research and confirm and update this post appropriately.

      Again, thank you for sharing!


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