The Time Is Right For A Re-Read of WoT

What’s a WoT? (or so you might be asking yourself). A WoT is an acronym for The Wheel of Time series.

I love being born in the Year of the Dragon (Chinese calendar).   It’s just cool.  And this year, I can also enjoy an entire year of another type of dragon, the Dragon Reborn in Rand Al’Thor by re-reading the entire Wheel of Time series, in anticipation of the final volume’s publication next January.

But I won’t be doing this alone.  Oh, no!  And as if re-reading these massive epic fantasy tomes wasn’t enough, I volunteered to lead the discussion at the GoodReads Fantasy Book Club Series group, who will commence reading WoT beginning in April 2012.  Looks like I need to get cracking before the end of March to stay ahead of the Wheel!

And I feel like shouting “Tor-Rah! Tor-Rah! Tor-Rah!” with all the great news coming from the publisher of the Wheel of Time series in just the past few days:

So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to revisit Rand, Perrin, Mat, Nyneave and Egwene or, if you want to meet them for the first time, join me and a thousand of my GoodReads friends as we start the Wheel of Time turning with The Eye of the World, continuing inexorably on to the Last Battle in A Memory of Light. 

Cover Art forthcoming from Michael Whelan

12 thoughts on “The Time Is Right For A Re-Read of WoT”

  1. I sure wish they’d make all these into movies :-D. I stopped reading about 3/4 the way through the series, when Jordan passed away. I decided I wasn’t going to continue until the whole darn thing was done and then I was going to re-read it all from the beginning. A huge undertaking, but a worthy one! I’m going to head over and join the club!

    1. Glad to have you join us. I look forward to re-reading this series with you. I also stopped re-reading when Robert Jordan passed away. When they announced Brandon Sanderson as the author to attempt to finish the series, I immediately went out and bought all his books and read them. I loved them and I have loved what he’s written so far for the Wheel of Time.

      Welcome to the club! 🙂

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