Book Review: Elantris by Sanderson (5 stars)

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

5 out of 5 stars

Read in June 2008

Very few authors can convince me to care about their characters. I started reading this book with a chip on my shoulder, having recently learned that Brandon Sanderson has been awarded the task of writing the Wheel of Time’s final book A Memory of Light. My goal while reading this novel was to compare Brandon’s talent and ascertain his ability to carry on the torch that is the Wheel of Time.

Brandon’s talent for characterization, especially the female lead, and plot twists and progressions eased my mind. Elantris stands alone as a well-written fantasy and worthy of your time spent in Arelon.

Book Review: Warbreaker by Sanderson (4 stars)

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

4 out of 5 stars

Read in July 2009

Brandon does it again – “it” being his uncanny ability to create female characters that I immediately relate to, like and care about. Not only one, but two of them – Vivenna, the eldest, wisest, best prepared sister, and Siri, the youngest, kindest, most frivolous one. But don’t let those stereotypes delude you. Brandon turns both of these types around, on their heads and sideways and I’m convinced you’ll be pleased with the results.

The magic system in Warbreaker was a tad creepy at times, especially if you believe, as I did, that Breath is equivalent to your soul. Breath is traded, bartered, bought and sold, so you can literally sell your soul in the world of Warbreaker. The accumulation of Breath creates a social hierarchy in T’Telir readily apparent to citizens, priests, and the resident “gods” (i.e. the Returned). The more Breath you acquire, the more abilities and perceptions you enhance, including extending your life indefinitely. The use and study of Breath is ongoing so a future exploration is possible in another story.

Most of the story dealt with the political intrigue in and around the Court of Gods and the seemingly imminent war between Hallandren and Idris. The two sisters, Vivenna and Siri, are princesses of Idris, a breakaway province of Hallandren. Siri is sent to T’Telir to fulfill a twenty year old treaty obligation to provide a royal bride to the God King in Vivenna’s place. Vivenna follows Siri to the city, ostensibly to rescue Siri, but really to fight her inner battle against suddenly being useless and unimportant. How these two sisters deal with the circumstances they find themselves thrust into is the heart of this story.

Other characters of note include Lightsong, a Returned denying his divinity with every witty fiber of his being; Vasher, a ruthless Awakener burdened with the sentient irresistibly destructive sword Nightblood; and Denth, a likeable mercenary who takes Vivenna under his protection soon after her arrival in T’Telir.

The action quickens in the last fifth of the book to the point where I had to re-read several paragraphs because I kept skipping ahead with the implied breakneck pace of the story.

My only quibble with the story would be a lack of return to Idris, especially from the point of view of Vivenna and Siri’s father. Once both sisters are in T’Telir, we never return to their homeland nor hear anything from their family. Lastly, the wrap-up at the end, especially surrounding Vasher, Denth, Nightblood and Lightsong, wasn’t convincing enough for me. It seemed too convenient and too rushed.

I still enjoyed the story and am very grateful that it’s a standalone epic fantasy tale with no cliffhanger ending. Recommended for all fantasy lovers.

The End … Finally

I came home to a pleasant surprise Monday evening (January 7, 2012), delivered by my friendly postal employee.  I received my signed first edition hardcover copy of A Memory of Light one day early, the day before the official release:

First Edition Hardcover Received 1/7/2013
First Edition Hardcover Received 1/7/2013
First Edition Hardcover signed by Brandon received 1/7/2013
First Edition Hardcover signed by Brandon received 1/7/2013

As you can see in the photo above, Brandon aptly personalized my copy with the phrase ‘The End.’  I started reading this series twenty-three years ago and I nearly gave up hope, when Robert Jordan passed away, of ever reading the long prophesied Last Battle.  Soon, all my questions will be answered (or so I hope).

I stayed up two hours past my normal bed time to read the prologue and the first six chapters.  I’ve read another six chapters since then and will read a couple more before falling asleep tonight.  I predict that by Sunday, I’ll be posting a review here of my thoughts on the longest, sprawliest epic fantasy series I’ve ever read and whether A Memory of Light was worth the wait (and the hype).

Final Prologue Released Early

Tor announced today the early release of the final Prologue in the Wheel of Time series.

Click on the cover at left for more details on where to obtain your copy of By Grace and Banners Fallen.  Spoiler warning, though, as they comments on that Tor article are full to brimming with them.

I bought my copy over lunch and will read it this evening on my Nook Color.

If you’re looking for a friendly place to join a re-read (or inaugural perusal) of the Wheel of Time series, pop on over to the Fantasy Book Club Series group at GoodReads where we are currently in the middle of Lord of Chaos.

The Time Is Right For A Re-Read of WoT

What’s a WoT? (or so you might be asking yourself). A WoT is an acronym for The Wheel of Time series.

I love being born in the Year of the Dragon (Chinese calendar).   It’s just cool.  And this year, I can also enjoy an entire year of another type of dragon, the Dragon Reborn in Rand Al’Thor by re-reading the entire Wheel of Time series, in anticipation of the final volume’s publication next January.

But I won’t be doing this alone.  Oh, no!  And as if re-reading these massive epic fantasy tomes wasn’t enough, I volunteered to lead the discussion at the GoodReads Fantasy Book Club Series group, who will commence reading WoT beginning in April 2012.  Looks like I need to get cracking before the end of March to stay ahead of the Wheel!

And I feel like shouting “Tor-Rah! Tor-Rah! Tor-Rah!” with all the great news coming from the publisher of the Wheel of Time series in just the past few days:

So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to revisit Rand, Perrin, Mat, Nyneave and Egwene or, if you want to meet them for the first time, join me and a thousand of my GoodReads friends as we start the Wheel of Time turning with The Eye of the World, continuing inexorably on to the Last Battle in A Memory of Light. 

Cover Art forthcoming from Michael Whelan

Gemmell Award Winner for Best Novel: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (5 stars)

I just realized I have not posted many book reviews penned prior to the inception of my WordPress blog (circa October 2010).  After reading the recent announcement from Tor that Brandon Sanderson, one of my top ten favorite authors, had won the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Novel, I felt the need to post my review, from August 2010, of the winning novel: The Way of Kings.

UpdateBrandon posted about winning the award (he actually had two novels in the running) and traveling in Europe at his blog.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The initial installment of the Stormlight Archives epic fantasy series stormed through my early September. Filled with the whispering wind of world building, the clatter and clamour of conflicted and conniving characters, the fermenting furor and flustering foreshadowing all building to a thundering tumultuous tempest that is yet the calm before the impending Everstorm.

Sanderson built a world far removed from our own, a rocky seemingly barren continent repeatedly ravaged by highstorms that routinely pummel the landscape and settlements with boulders and anything else it can find to hurl westward (or leeward, as highstorms always originate from the east). Plant and animal life adapted to this harsh environment by developing tough skins (exoskeletons are the norm here) and defensive mechanisms (prehensile plants that retract into their shells when approached or threatened). Humans build in caves, crevasses or very sturdy stone buildings, always facing leeward, with slanting roofs and sides to channel the wind from the highstorms over and around the structures.

Stormlight forms the foundation for the magic systems introduced and ironically is renewed or originates from the highstorms. Gems, like diamonds, garnets, topazes and emeralds, are infused with stormlight if left outside during a highstorm. The currency of the monetary system includes tiny chips of gems imbedded in spheres of glass and double as lamps, torches and other light sources. For those lucky enough to be magic wielders, the spheres also provide a ready reserve of energy for Lashing or Soulcasting. Having previously read Sanderson’s Mistborn series, I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed in the Lashing magic system, for it’s similarity to Allomancy (at least from a physics point-of-view).

Through several characters, who just happen to be scholars, we learn some of the history, philosophy, mythology, anthropology and religion of Roshar. Vorinism is the dominant religion of the times, but we see glimpses of how different it may have been in the distant past, especially when most history is written by the conquerors or the last man standing. Prejudice and some persecution persist, based on people’s eye color (current elite of society have light colored eyes, as opposed to the lowly darkeyes) and slavery is common, although slaves receive reduced wages in most cases. The most perplexing unanswered question stemmed from women covering their left hands (referred to as their safehands) for modesty’s sake. Not being genitalia, I wasn’t sure why a left hand (as opposed to a right hand) would evoke lust or some other unseemly immodest emotion in men. But, I’m not judging, just curious, as there are many examples from our own world of strange gender customs and modesty mores.

I related to and enjoyed many of the characters, especially Kaladin (heroic surgeon/spearman/slave/savior – this book focuses most on this character), Szeth (reluctant assassin), Dalinar (noble war leader tortured by visions during highstorms) and Wit (lives up to his name). Strangely, for the first time while reading a novel by Sanderson, I didn’t connect well with the female characters: Josnah (a heretic and devoted researcher/scholar) and Shallan (Josnah’s ward/student with a secret scarred past and a secret ulterior motive).

Sanderson excels at action sequences, vividly portraying amazing feats of magic, thrilling fight scenes and stunning battle sequences. At times, I forgot I was reading, becoming completely absorbed in what looked and felt like a spectacular cinematic experience. Hollywood screenwriters and directors could definitely learn something from Brandon Sanderson.

The ending left enough unanswered questions and new revelations to make me cringe at the two to three year wait for the second novel. I can’t say I was ‘happy’ with some of the discoveries, especially Dalinar’s final vision (actually a repeat of his first vision but our first glimpse of it). I would love to expound on this and rant a bit about the religious or philosophical repercussions, but I fear spoiling a key element and don’t want to scare prospective readers away from a magnificent epic fantasy.

I appreciated Kalladin’s struggles and triumphs, yet he has much to learn and finally has the resources and encouragement to achieve Life before Death, Strength before Weakness and the Journey before the Destination.

September 16th Addition: Brandon commissioned (and personally paid for) beautiful interior illustrations, color endplates of glyphs and maps, natural history sketchbook excerpts, various military maps all presented as character created to complement his excellent textual world building.

Here are some photos I took of the end plates from my first edition:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

And finally, to top off the interior artwork, Michael Whelan created the stunning coverart (Click here for the artist’s notes on creating the cover artwork).

GR Status Updates:

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09/04/2010 page 35 3.0% “Starting Part One ‘Above Silence'” 13 comments
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09/11/2010 page 469 47.0% “Redundant ‘close’ or am I just not reading this right: ‘A true scholar must not close her mind close on any topic, no matter how certain she may feel.'” 3 comments
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09/11/2010 page 512 51.0% “Finished Chapter 33 ‘Cymatics'” 2 comments
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