Final Sunrise of a Lambish March

March went out softly, like a fluffy puffy lamb yesterday.  I took a series of photographs from my front step landing via the tripod.  Except for the first couple of photos and the last three (which aren’t of the sunrise at all), I didn’t change the position of the camera for probably a half an hour.

Saturday Sunrise
Saturday Sunrise (31 Mar 2012)

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I set the AWB to the Cloudy setting, remembered to turn the AutoFocus back on and took a couple of initial photos to get oriented.

This sunrise didn’t evolve into anything stunning or spectacular.  Still, not the worst sunrise I’ve ever photographed.

I sat on the front steps, reading the last few pages of Wild Swans, a book I started in early to mid March and the final book I had chosen to read for “Destination: Anywhere” – the Kansas City Public Library‘s Adult Winter Reading program for 2012.  I would read a few paragraphs or a page, and then get up and snap a photo.  The morning atmosphere soothed and calmed me, relaxing me so much while I read, that I nearly forgot about the sunrise.

Once I realized the clouds and sun were not going to do anything amazing, I took a few photos of my neighbors’ flowering trees.  I returned the camera and tripod inside and finished the book just a few minutes later.

March may have left like a lamb, but Mars still hangs in the sky at night smack dab in the middle of Leo, the Lion. I’m looking forward to more planetary observing in April.