Remembering Roxy: Mutililated Mouse Trap

Roxy (Christmas 2010)

Training a Rottweiler can challenge your patience.  Roxy’s downfall came with keeping her out of the trash can.  We bought several different types of cans, none of which kept her from her goal.  We mentioned our frustration to our family dog trainer.  She suggested we put a mouse trap on top of the trash when we leave the house or go to bed.  We eagerly tried this suggestion.

Terry placed the mouse trap gingerly on top of the trash in a nearly full trash can.  We left the lid off.  I happened to be in the kitchen, probably making some bread.  I heard Roxy nudging at the trash, but didn’t look over my shoulder.  I didn’t hear the snap of a mouse trap either.  A few minutes later, I did hear loud crunching sounds from the great room.  I went in to find Roxy gripping the mouse trap between her front paws and chewing it to pieces.  I stood there in shock, just shaking my head.  I made Roxy stop masticating the poor mouse trap and hollered for Terry to come up from the band room.  He busted out laughing the minute he realized what she had done.  He gathered up the remaining pieces of the mutilated mouse trap and placed them in a quart-sized Ziplock bag.

The next time we saw our dog trainer (at church the following Sunday), we delivered the pieces of the mouse trap to her and asked for a different idea for keeping Roxy out of the trash.  She and her husband had a good laugh, even mentioning that perhaps the abused trap should be framed as she’d never before had a Rottweiler bypass this preventative measure.

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