Meteors After Midnight

The Lyrid meteor shower peaks under a dark sky before dawn April 22. With no Moon in the sky, observers with clear skies can expect to see up to 20 meteors per hour. Astronomy: Roen Kelly

I am setting my alarm for three a.m. tomorrow morning (that’s Sunday, April 22nd). Unless, of course, I can’t sleep, then I’ll just stay up late, past midnight, and relax in my backyard, gazing overhead to catch the Lyrid Meteor shower. Luck smiled upon us this year, since the new moon occurs today (Saturday), leaving only cloudy skies (not forecasted for northeastern Kansas tonight) to interfere with observing the shower, which can produce up to twenty meteors per hour. And the best part of this amateur astronomy observing event happens to be that no equipment is required. Just my eyes. And clear, dark skies!

Keep looking up!

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