Book Review: The Diamond Throne by Eddings (5 Stars)

Diamond ThroneThe Diamond Throne by David Eddings

5 out of 5 stars

Originally read in 1990 (but re-read many times since)

Besides Terry Brooks, David Eddings is the only fantasy genre author I can get my husband to read. Who could resist dialogue dripping with sarcasm and wit and satisfying action adventures? I read Eddings when I want a respite from deep-thinking convoluted epic fantasy. Eddings makes me laugh and always provides a rollicking romp through strange lands on a heroic quest to save the world. All very predictable but also very enjoyable.

The Diamond Throne has one of my all-time favorite characters – Sparhawk. He’s a curmudgeon of a knight who should have retired years ago but is too stubborn to stop. And no one else has the heart or gumption to tell him otherwise.

May 1, 2013 Update:  I decided to relocate this review to my blog from GoodReads on this specific day because today, May Day, is my husband and I’s anniversary.  This book was published and I read it at least two times before we celebrated our fifth year together.  Twenty-seven years later, this series is still just about the only fantasy fiction I could get Terry to read.  Sadly neither of us will ever read anything new from David Eddings again, since four years ago this June, he passed away.