Book Review: The Diamond Throne by Eddings (5 Stars)

Diamond ThroneThe Diamond Throne by David Eddings

5 out of 5 stars

Originally read in 1990 (but re-read many times since)

Besides Terry Brooks, David Eddings is the only fantasy genre author I can get my husband to read. Who could resist dialogue dripping with sarcasm and wit and satisfying action adventures? I read Eddings when I want a respite from deep-thinking convoluted epic fantasy. Eddings makes me laugh and always provides a rollicking romp through strange lands on a heroic quest to save the world. All very predictable but also very enjoyable.

The Diamond Throne has one of my all-time favorite characters – Sparhawk. He’s a curmudgeon of a knight who should have retired years ago but is too stubborn to stop. And no one else has the heart or gumption to tell him otherwise.

May 1, 2013 Update:  I decided to relocate this review to my blog from GoodReads on this specific day because today, May Day, is my husband and I’s anniversary.  This book was published and I read it at least two times before we celebrated our fifth year together.  Twenty-seven years later, this series is still just about the only fantasy fiction I could get Terry to read.  Sadly neither of us will ever read anything new from David Eddings again, since four years ago this June, he passed away.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Diamond Throne by Eddings (5 Stars)”

    1. What type of fantasy novels do you like now? I’ve read most of Eddings’ work so I’d like to recommend something from his repertoire that would fit best with your tastes.

      1. Lord of the Rings was too slow for me, but I made it through. Same with Sword of Shannara. Do you consider Stardust to be fantasy? Or Eyes of the Dragon?
        Wheel of Time was rather slow, too. I like Robin Hobb, The Farseer books. Patrick Rothfuss…

        1. If you don’t mind starting a series, I’d give The Diamond Throne a try. If you prefer a standalone, you might try The Redemption of Althalus.

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