Nook Color Grounded; Can’t Come Out and Google Play

Barnes & Noble announced a couple of days ago that the latest editions of their ereader tablet, the Nook HD and HD+, would receive a software update that included the addition of the Google Play app store.  I was not amused.

I own a Nook Color.  In fact, by the end of this month, it will be two years old and the extended warranty I purchased from Barnes & Noble will expire.  The last software update issued by B&N came nearly a year ago (see my post on version 1.4.3 from last June/July).

Not only am I not feeling the Nook Color love from B&N, I’m also noticing the ereader showing its hardware age.  I often must power it completely down to ‘correct’ a situation that frequently arises when it can’t seem to locate my home’s wifi.  Come June, if B&N hasn’t issued some olive branch of an update that would open up Google Play to my NC, I may just wipe it and finally convert it to an Android tablet.

Now that I have a Samsung Note II, I have invested in several nice apps from the Google Play store, including my favorite audiobook app called the Smart Audiobook Player.  I love this app’s ability to flatten all the folders and allow for a smooth listening experience (no need to switch ‘CDs’ (folders), accommodates a continuous stream).  The app also automatically pauses when a phone call comes in (and resumes when you hang up) and will automatically backtrack three seconds when an audio alert sounds for emails or texts.

Later this year, I’ll probably invest in an Android tablet, possibly a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.  Not another B&N knockoff.  While I’ve enjoyed reading ebooks on my Nook Color and using it for the occasional web surfing, Tweeting or reading e-mail, my experience with my Note II has opened my eyes to the limitless Android possibilities.