Book Review: Miles Mystery & Mayhem by Bujold (4 Stars)

Miles Mystery & Mayhem by Lois McMaster Bujold

4 out of 5 stars

Miles, Mystery & Mayhem is an omnibus edition containing the following three stories:


Ethan of Athos

Labyrinth (see short review below)

Of the three, Cetaganda was my favorite. Ethan of Athos was a good story, but introduced a new character and re-used a minor character for a previous adventure, completely excluding Miles.

The omnibus included an informative Vorkosigan timeline.

Review of Labyrinth

I liked this Miles adventure, but not as well as all the ones that came before. Miles seemed different, not nearly as witty, and just plain off his game. The whole weird affair with Taura is just that … weird.