Audiobook Review: The Knife of Dreams by Jordan (3 Stars)

The Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan

Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer

3 out of 5 stars

Listended/Read in February 2013

Loial and Mat tied the knot (but not with each other). Perrin and Faile end their two book separation. Nine months can’t come soon enough for Elayne (or me). Egwene and Eliada under the same roof but not speaking to each other. Nynaeve returned Lan to Malkier along the Borderland Scenic Byway. Someone please give Rand a hand!

Yes, that entire paragraph was written with my tongue thoroughly embedded in my cheek.

I’ve read this 11th book of the Wheel of Time series a couple of times, but this most recent run through I decided to listen to the audiobook for a change.

Listening, rather than reading, forced me to concentrate and not skip ahead and skim through the parts I felt were dragging (which for this book is most of it).  I really enjoy the male/female narrators as it helps so much to keep the point-of-views separate.

GR Status Updates:

02/03 1.0%
02/03 4.0% “Finished first CD, still in Prologue”
02/05 8.0% “Still listening to Prologue – and of Disc 2” 1 comment
02/06 12.0% “Chapter One Finally at the end of the third disc”
02/08 19.0%
02/11 27.0%
02/12 38.0%
02/13 42.0%
02/15 54.0% “Finally a Rand chapter (18)”
02/18 58.0%
02/21 69.0% “Feels good to revisit Egwene.”
02/24 77.0%
03/01 96.0% “Mat finally got hitched.”