Can’t See Comet for the Clouds

I work up at 4:11 a.m. (Central Time) this morning. It’s a Sunday. Why am I up so early? I have no idea.

Since I was up early, I checked my Sky Safari app on my smartphone to see when Comet Ison would rise. I was in luck. It was scheduled to rise at 4:22, a few minutes before the star Spica.


Next, I checked the temperature via my weather app. Strangely, for mid-November, the temperature before dawn was in the mid-60s.

kswx17nov2013Next, I opened my front door and immediately my hopes crashed to the ground.  I could see the sky above the houses to my east.  In other words, clouds were reflecting the light of the full moon from the clear sky in the west.

clods east
Full Moon over roof of my house facing west from middle of driveway.

I just can’t win. Will I ever get to see this comet? I guess I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

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