Treats for Rotts

Late Sunday morning, taking advantage of the unseasonal warm fall weather, I cleaned the Bonneville inside and out.  I did this in anticipation of treating my hubby and my dad to a birthday dinner later that afternoon.

By Monday morning, though, I had to re-install the seat protector in the back because we had a nine o’clock appointment at the vets for both Apollo and Lexy.  They both behaved very well in the lobby, even though another young male Rottweiler was being picked up by its owner.  He was quite rambunctious and excited to see his owner.

treats for Apollo and Lexy

Since Apollo and Lexy did so well at their doctor’s appointment, Terry and I treated them to Dairy Queen puppy treats on the way home.  Once we got home, they both quickly gave themselves brain freezes.  Here’s an example video from June: