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I laughed but I almost cried as well.   This is so true.  I can’t claim to be neat and organized as Modesitt does (except digitally) but I can confirm that remodeling your house while you are living in it is a challenge.

Here’s just one small example of what I’ve been living with for about ten months now.  This is the family room, formerly known as the ‘band’ room (for about ten years), being transformed into our new entertainment home theatre room:

band room dismantling
The ‘before’ picture.

Yes, our ‘stuff’ included moving a piano. Now here’s the ‘after’ video that starts in the finished family room and tours some of the other remodeling we’ve done:


We are oh so close to a milestone in our home improvement project(s).  We are ordering the vanity and mirror for the bathroom this week.

I can’t wait to have my main bathroom fully functional again after so many months.