Hatching and Hatched

Yesterday I reported that my back porchlight housed a squatter. A robin’s nest rests atop it complete with Mother Robin and her eggs.  Later in the evening, I checked the nest and the robin had flown off to find her own dinner.

I managed to get a blurry shot of the nest’s contents.  I had to do this while standing on a chair, hiding inside the house and leaning out with just my smartphone hovering over the nest.  I couldn’t see the screen and snapped a couple of photos to pick the best to show here.

Mother Robin took a brief break.I didn’t want to use a flash so the above photo is a bit out of focus and dark (inside the nest up under the eave of the house). You can see that one of the eggs is hatching.

I took the following photos today when I got home from work.  I had better light but still had to guess when I snapped the photos because I couldn’t see the screen of my smartphone.


HatchedI realize neither one of these photos is very well focused, but I believe the eggs have all hatched.  Mother Robin started screeching at me from my maple tree so I stopped taking photos and closed the back patio door.  Perhaps tomorrow the baby robins will be a bit more active.

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