Spring House Guests


Three robin’s eggs in a nest on top of my back porch light. This is the second time since we’ve lived in this house that a robin has nested in that exact spot. The last time it didn’t end well for the robin chicks.

Robin’s Nest Flickr Album

I took these photos using my Samsung smartphone standing on a step ladder inside the house with my arm sneaking around the top of the patio door. I could not see the screen when I snapped the shots. Two of the photos I adjusted afterwards to enhance the visibility and vibrancy of the eggs (which were hidden in shadow inside the nest).

Porthos is lounging in the background (on the step watching me taking the photo above).

Circle of Life

I solved the mystery of the missing robin’s nest once my husband woke up.  I asked him if the nest was intact before he fell asleep.  He replied that as far as he knew, the nest was there until the early morning hours.  Once he was dressed, he walked out into the back yard and spotted the empty nest in the middle of the lower half of our yard.  Quite a ways away from the upper patio and the back porch light.  Here are some photos to give you an idea:

Empty Robin's Nest Far From Porch Light
Empty Robin’s Nest Far From Porch Light

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Bye Bye Birdies

Gone. Vanished.Gone.


Barely left a trace behind.

To say I was shocked this morning would be an understatement.  Just last night Terry and I witnessed Mother Robin feeding her babies from the edge of her nest (see other posts for the actual nest since there’s little to no trace of it this morning above our porch light).

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Hatching and Hatched

Yesterday I reported that my back porchlight housed a squatter. A robin’s nest rests atop it complete with Mother Robin and her eggs.  Later in the evening, I checked the nest and the robin had flown off to find her own dinner.

I managed to get a blurry shot of the nest’s contents.  I had to do this while standing on a chair, hiding inside the house and leaning out with just my smartphone hovering over the nest.  I couldn’t see the screen and snapped a couple of photos to pick the best to show here.

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Back Porchlight Squatter

Back porch light squatterA robin built a nest on top of our back porch light.  It’s been there a week or so, but for the last couple of days, she hasn’t left the nest when we slide open the patio door.  She stayed put while I took a couple of photos of her with my smartphone.

According to the Wikipedia article on the American Robin, it only takes a couple of weeks for the eggs to hatch.  If she leaves the nest, I’ll try to take a photo of them as well.