Bye Bye Birdies

Gone. Vanished.Gone.


Barely left a trace behind.

To say I was shocked this morning would be an understatement.  Just last night Terry and I witnessed Mother Robin feeding her babies from the edge of her nest (see other posts for the actual nest since there’s little to no trace of it this morning above our porch light).

I’m worried now that we scared the Mother Robin with our constant in and out through the back patio door.  That’s the door the dogs use the most (the lower one is ‘off limits’ right now because of the new carpet in the family room).  We also grill on the upper patio, but didn’t do that last night because it rained and was chilly.

Terry thought new hatchlings would be there for a couple of weeks.  I thought it would be a couple of days (after reading the Wikipedia article I posted in the first blog entry).  I hope the baby robins are all right.  We had another frost warning overnight, although I didn’t see any frost on the yard when I stepped outside this morning.

I’m amazed that the nest is completely gone.  There’s no evidence of it on the ground.  There’s no wind this morning, nor was it windy overnight.  Did the robin parents and their friends fly off with the nest intact and install it somewhere else?  I guess I’ll never know.

Bye, bye little birdies.  I wish you the best and brightest this spring.  You’ll be missed.  I hope to see you soon.

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