Book Bingo

Lansing Community Library‘s Winter Reading Program

Book Bingo

Lansing Community Library Winter Reading Program Book Bingo

Here’s my adult bingo card so far:

An Author Whose Last Name Stars With a “W” A Book in a Series A Nobel Prize in Literature Winner Book Read a Favorite Book from Your Childhood Check Out and Read a Magazine
A Book Related to Science Fiction A Book Related to Science An Author Whose Name Starts With a “M” A Dystopian themed Book An Author Whose Name Starts With a “B”
A Fairy/Folk Tale Book A Non-Fiction Book ***
Free Space!
Classic Literature A Book About Time Travel
An Audiobook An eBook A Suspense Novel A Book about a President Historical Fiction
A book That Was on Display in the Library A Caldecott Book (Winner or Honor) A Book That Was Made into a Movie A Biography A Book About Kansas

A Green highlight means I’ve already read a book that fits that category (and possibly more than one category).  I’ll figure out where to put them once I finish a couple more books.  To see what I’ve read so far this year (2015), visit my GoodReads book challenge page here.  Or click here to see what I’m currently reading.

A Yellow highlight means I have books I could read right now that fit that spot.

Looks like I need to find a book about a President to read.  Any ideas?

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