Restaurant Review: Zoe’s Kitchen (3.5 to 4 stars)

Our department administrative assistant left a post card invitation on my desk for a new restaurant opening on the Country Club Plaza.  So I took a short walk down the hill from the office to Zoe’s Kitchen, nestled next to Jack Stack.

I was greeted at the door by a manager (I assumed) who handed me a nice plastic lidded cup with a straw (and endcap) and explained the shortened lunch menu the restaurant had prepared to help train employees.  Everyone was very helpful.  The ambient music was a bit loud, but the view of the south Plaza across Brush Creek nice.


I orrdered Steak Kabobs and they arrived in good time and were pleasantly presented.


I should have turned the plate around 180° before photographing it to show the “roasted” vegetables.  I only ate half of the potatoes,  which were good.  The steak was cooked to medium (I prefer medium rare) and a bit overdressed with a sweet sauce (probably teriyaki). Back to the vegetables: the broccoli and carrots were still very crunchy and only slightly warm.  No where near to roasted in my cookbook.

I haven’t been back to Zoe’s Kitchen but I might soon to try one of their wraps. Overall it was an enjoyable lunch experience.