More Than a Quarter of Porthos

Yesterday marked the four-month anniversary of our adoption of Porthos.  We survived the winter with a rambunctious adolescent Rottweiler.  Our house and specifically the trash can fared slightly worse.  He’s gradually adapting to confinement in the backyard when we leave to watch a movie or go grocery shopping, but he does not like to be crated when the weather is bad.  It’s sad that Terry and I, empty nesters, have to ‘babysit’ our dog and can’t trust him to behave himself when we leave the house.

We took him to the dog park for the first time on Sunday the 22nd.  For this first visit, I kept him close to me with the leash at the ready.  If Porthos decides to take off after another dog or person, there’s no way I could catch him.  He’s very agile and very fast, with powerful almost instant acceleration.  I got him to run through the tube at the park a couple of times and pose for a photo:


Once Spring arrived, I started walking each dog every other evening. Porthos is a joy to walk and I get good exercise trying to keep up with him. Lexy takes her time and needs to be coaxed to walk farther than a couple of blocks from home. I haven’t been brave enough to walk both of them at the same time. Maybe in a month or so.