Canine Couch

Once upon a time, my daughter received a couch and coffee table from the youth group leaders at the church we were attending at that time.  And since both my son and daughter still lived at home at that time, moving furniture wasn’t an onerous task.  Fast forward to our empty nest plus two Rottweilers and you get the canine couch.


This past week, Terry and I said ‘enough is enough’ and with a little help from his friends, hauled the couch to the dump along with a few hundred pounds of other ‘necessary’ items we’ve been hanging on to for nearly twenty years in the belief that we could reuse or repurpose them, including empty drawers from kitchen cabinets three or four houses back.


I made sure to share these last two photos with my kids so they could wish a fond farewell to their hangout furniture. They are extremely lucky we didn’t decide to ship the couch to them as an early Christmas gift.


I’m still contemplating wrapping up some of the left behind items from over ten years ago and putting them under the Christmas tree when our kids visit us in a couple of weeks.  Old dolls, parts of radio controlled cars, paintball guns, judo and lacrosse gear, old video game cartridges . . .

Sounds like a good idea to me.