Looking Like Christmas in Kansas City

You can always count on Hallmark and Crown Center to pull out all the stops at Christmas time.  I drive through the heart of Crown Center twice a day during my commute.  The December mornings are especially pretty in the pre-dawn darkness:

Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center (Dec 2014)

I hope to stop by Union Station this month to see their ginormous Christmas tree.  I will take photos of course.

But then, I walk into my building just south of the Country Club Plaza, which, most mornings, still has its famous Christmas lights blazing even as the sun rises and see this in the lobby of my building:

Unholiday Decorations 2014
Unholiday Decorations 2014 at the Plaza Collonade building

What is this supposed to be?  Some weird mash-up of biology and Christmas?  A post-modern interpretation of the Virgin Birth?  I give up!  It just screams “Ugh!” to me.  Sadly, I have to gaze upon it every time I use the elevators.  The only thing it has going for it are the colors:  red and green.

Let’s review the last five years of what I mockingly refer to as ‘unHoliday’ decorations in this building:

2014 Unholiday Decorations 2014
2013 Unholiday Decorations 2013
2012 unHoliday Decorations 2012
2011 unHoliday Decorations 2011
2010 unHoliday Decorations 2010

Prior to 2010, the Plaza Collonade exhibited more traditional Christmas decorations that I enjoyed more than the last five years worth of modern art.

My least favorite two are the initial 2010 and the following 2011 decorations.

Do you have a favorite? or least favorite?

Share your building’s decorations in the comments if you like.

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