Autumn Evening Colors, Pink Sunrises and Royal Blue Days

Last night after grabbing a quick dinner and running some errands, my husband and I made a quick trip through Mount Muncie Cemetery just before sunset.  I took several snapshots with my smartphone, and liked this one the best:

Fall colors at Muncie CemeteryThis morning, after commuting in the pre-dawn darkness and parking almost underground, I emerged to find this pink sunrise greeting me on this fabulous Friday morning:

20141017_072039And in honor of the World Series bound Royals (first game is here in Kansas City next Tuesday evening) enjoy this snapshot from one of my many lunch walks around the Country Club Plaza, where all the fountains are overflowing with Royal blue:

20141015_120842Have a great weekend everyone!

Health Frontier

I succumbed to a health screening and health risk assessment at work today.  Voluntary coercion also known as an incentive to reduce, by a pittance, my health insurance premiums for the first six months of 2011.  I think I may have participated in a health screening a few years ago, but not recently.

My numbers, while not ideal, were not terribly out of whack.  The scariest one was an unexpected uptick in my blood pressure.  I really shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve had a forty year love affair with salt, which I’ve now resolved to resist as best I can.  I see more whole wheat bagels, oatmeal and bananas in my future, as well as a return to my evening Rottweiler constitutionals.   The nurse also suggested that I double-check my blood pressure in a day or so to see if it was a fluke.  If not, then I might also be visiting my doctor soon.

While waiting for my ride after work, I experienced first hand several leaf-filled dust devils swirling around the circle drive of the Plaza Library Building.  I enjoyed the stress relief and photographic opportunity, even if I all I had at hand was my cell phone.

For the rest of the photos, visit my photo album here.