Mezzo Soprano Grouto

Not only is my daughter, Rachelle, an aspiring and talented mezzo soprano studying at UNT, she can:

  • Train Rottweilers (in German)
  • Draw your blood (certified phlebotomist)
  • Count to ten in Japanese thanks to years of judo and jujitsu
  • Crochet left-handed (something I couldn’t have taught her)
  • Tune a piano (but not a fish)
  • Grout tile
Grouted Tile Entryway Courtesy Rachelle
Grouted Tile Entryway Courtesy Rachelle

It only took two years and my daughter’s elbow grease to get the grout between these tiles.  Thank you Rachelle!

The Grout that Stole Christmas

Today is the Twelfth Day of Christmas.  If I really aspired to ambitious social impact, I’d host a Twelfth Night party, but I’ll settle for coming home to grouted tile.

Why?  Because nearly two years ago, we laid down tile in our front entryway.  The grout remains in the box.

Tiling Entryway January 2009
Tiling Entryway January 2009

I love the feel of the tile and the non-squeaky, non-creakiness of it (compared to the rest of the floor in the house which is nailed to the joists, not screwed).

With Rachelle’s help, or Terry supervising Rachelle, the spaces between the tiles should be filled sometime today.  Keeping the Rottweilers occupied while it sets will also prove challenging.