Welcome to WordPress … the new home for my Mossy Blog

I’m saying farewell and good riddens to my old MySpace blog.  Recent account privacy and security settings have proved inadequate to my blogging needs.  So, if you used to follow my blog on MySpace, please resubscribe and visit me here at WordPress.

If your an avid reader, like myself, please stop by GoodReads.com and read some of my reviews.  I also salvage, rescue and swap many books via BookMooch so check out my inventory if you’re looking for some great reads.

In my limited spare time, and depending on whether the moon is out or not, I could be looking up (i.e. star gazing) during these cool autumn evenings or relaxing online as Kerowyn at Aardwolf.

I’m going to transfer a few of my most recent MySpace blogs to WordPress this morning.  My most recent focus has been on astronomy, so many of my upcoming posts will deal with my discovers in our solar system and hopefully in deep space.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to WordPress … the new home for my Mossy Blog”

    1. Yes, I like WordPress quite a bit. Three times as much as Blogger (apparently, since I’ve only posted 78 times over there and over 200 here). 🙂

      Ciao, Jon

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