Quiet Sunday Afternoon

I churned out the last three loaves of bread before the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  I also burned The Tenth Inning to two DVDs so my dad could watch it (he missed part of both of them when they aired on PBS a couple of weeks ago).  I read almost half my new book Cryoburn by Bujold.

And I tried Westside Family Church’s Online Church for the first time.  Terry wasn’t up to travelling to the Legends to attend the Speedway campus service.  The Online Church is a live feed from the WFC campus in Lenxa.  The message was good (Click Here for my notes) but the music was not as good as the Speedway campus’ praise band.

And I took the dogs to the relatively new dog park in Leavenworth at the north end of the VA grounds just off Limit Street (east from US 73).  When I arrived, just before three o’clock, there were no other large dogs.  But within ten minutes, and apparently because the Chiefs game was ending or not worth watching, there were ten to twenty dogs in the park.  Apollo and Roxy behaved themselves very well.  Roxy wore herself out in the first five or ten minutes and eventually just laid down near me to catch her breath.  Apollo chased a barky smaller dog (some kind of mottled Shepherd I think) around the park for awhile and then made all sorts of new friends.

My dad met me at the park, as I wanted to give him his fresh baked loaf of White Sandwich Bread and the DVDs I’d burned Sunday.  He took a few photos (I had my hands and eyes full keeping a watch on the dogs … people tend to get nervous about Rottweilers).   He also loaned me a couple of BluRay DVDs he recently purchased (both versions of Robin Hood from 1991 and 2010).  I didn’t think I’d have time or inclination to watch it anytime soon, but when Terry woke up, we started watching it.  Very different version or variation on the origins of Robin Hood.

I didn’t even touch the telescope Sunday, except to move it when I was vacuuming the great room.  All in all, a very rewarding and relaxing weekend at home.