Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot

Doctor Who: Curse of the Black Spot

“Yo ho ho! or does nobody actually say that?”  — the Doctor (soon to be one of my favorite quotes).

Plot summary at Wikipedia (yes, I’m being lazy again but I have an excuse … it’s Mother’s Day).

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and would give it four stars, possibly more, especially for the dramatic scene between Amy and Rory towards the end and for the pirates!  Who doesn’t love a romping swashbuckling tale of the high seas, pirates and sea monsters?

And was I the only one who noticed that the newly inaugurated space pirates first visited the Dog Star aka Sirius?

I think I still prefer Robert Picardo over a supermodel with his signature ‘Please state the nature of the medical emergency.’  But that’s just me.

Next week we might meet the Doctor’s wife or possibly another time lord.  Either way, I’m excited and ecstatic to have exceptional science fiction to look forward to each and every Saturday night.  Hip Hip Hurray for BBC America!