Friday Jeans Day Charity: Go Red for Women

My day started out in the emergency room with chest pains.  Ironically, I was not the person experiencing the chest pains … my husband was.

Terry woke me up ten minutes before my alarm went off to let me know he was heading to the hospital.  I followed in a separate vehicle once I threw some clothes on.

I spent the next hour with him in the emergency room, monitoring his vitals (which appeared normal for the most part).  I left him in the capable hands of the hospital’s health care providers and proceeded to pickup my vanpool riders for the Friday work commute.  While my stress level kept spiking towards a red line as a result of my husband’s situation, I also had to drove through an unseasonable thunderstorm and torrential downpour for the next hour and a half with a van full of people.  Just as I dropped off the last two riders, my husband called me to let me know the hospital planned to release him soon.

I drove the rest of the way to my work, thankful that I had slipped on jeans, rather than deal with the rain in my regular work attire.  I had already planned to wear jeans and support my employer’s jeans day charity (Go Red for Women) and participation in the National Wear Red Day (which coincidentally is today, Friday, February 3, 2012).   I just wished I’d had time to find a red shirt in my rush out the door this morning.  I had to settle for a pink and black plaid shirt instead.

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