I Can See Clearly Now … Or Not

The commute home provided false hopes for my star gazing this evening.  While light hazy stratus clouds filtered the sunlight sporadically, the skies looked promising as I traveled northward on K-7.

I stepped outside a few minutes ago to catch the moon before it set, but saw only gray clouds underlit with orange glow from the well lit Lansing Correctional Facility a few blocks north of my house.  I stepped out the front door and could still see Jupiter, but only for a few minutes as the clouds overtook even that bright object.  I spied no sliver of moon in the southwest or west.

Besides trying to locate Comet Hartley 2 (again), Earthsky earlier today mentioned Antares proximity to the moon.

Perhaps tomorrow evening will provide better weather and opportunities for gazing up and out and back in time.

9:00 pm update:  Let Apollo back in (I’d forgotten I’d let him out) and noticed a crystal clear sky.  However, Cassiopeia is dim as it hovers over the LCF.  If I can’t sleep or wake up early I’ll try for the comet then.