Best Home Alarm System: Man’s Best Friend

In my search for different and interesting ‘small screen’ series to sample, I stumbled upon a couple of good ones recently:  Human Target (from 2010 but cancelled after second season) and The Fall (from 2013 with three seasons to date).  I’m still watching Limitless, pausing briefly after watching the pilot to watch the movie that spawned the series, but otherwise continuing with 2-3 episodes per week.

Terry and I have finished two of three DVDs for the first season of Human Target.  I was hooked after the first episode, and not just because Christopher Chance’s pet was a Rottweiler named Carmine.  This show packs a lot of punches into a scant hour of programming and each episode is something completely different.  It’s fun to watch and even has me looking for the original graphic novels to read, but libraries are totally not up to speed in that area.  I’ll be buying them used or hopefully in a collection eventually.

Monday evening stroll down Angel Falls Trail
Monday evening stroll down Angel Falls Trail

After reading an article about highly recommended shows to watch, I decided to give The Fall a chance, especially since it stars Gillian Anderson.  Terry and I started Monday evening by watching an episode of Limitless during dinner, then took the dogs for a walk down Angel Falls Trail (such a pretentious name, but at least it’s a quiet stroll through the woods in a less developed section of Lansing).  Once back home, we started watching the first episode of the first season of The Fall.

thefallAnd, of course, we see a masked man climb in through the basement window of a woman’s home.  He wonders around her house, taking selfies in her bathroom and rifling through her underthings.  He also eats an orange, leaving the peel on the counter for her to find in the morning, since she came home early after just two glasses of wine with friends and startled him.

Terry and I both exclaimed that “if you had a dog, you wouldn’t have this problem.”  Of course, that obviously doesn’t play into the writer’s penchant for suspense and drama.  I just found it highly ironic that Christopher Chance, the Human Target, a reformed assassin turned private security specialist, keeps an adorable Rottweiler, but a single 30-something solicitor keeps a mostly useless purr-ito of a cat whose name completely escapes me.  Granted, she wasn’t home when the serial killer made his first home invasion attempt, but she was home for the second and I’m pretty sure any kind of dog, large or small, would have barked an alarm and saved her all the hassle of bondage, strangulation and rape.

And on that happy note, I can’t wait for the next DVD of Human Target to arrive in the mail from Netflix.  We’ll continue The Fall, for now, because it’s good drama and well acted and not the only show that lacks man’s best friend and home alarm system.

Porthos and Lexy guarding the front entrance to our home.
Porthos and Lexy guarding the front entrance to our home.

Well, at least any intruders will trip over my alarm system if they come through the front door at my house.

Don’t be fooled, though, they really do bark … when they’re awake.

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